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Rescued from old homes and buildings over 100 years old, our beautiful Reclaimed Teak is naturally weathered by time and the elements. It offers a highly desirable, distressed patina. And our Reclaimed Teak is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to be made from 100% recycled wood. It is both visually stunning and certified good for the environment.

Reclaimed Teak: Natural

  • Case Contains: 10 Pieces

    Area Covers: 10.8 sq. ft. Panel Size: 19.5” x 8”

    Case Size: Length: 22.5” Width: 9″ Height: 8.5”

    Source: Old homes and buildings in Indonesia

    Wood Species: Tectona Grandis

    Color(s): Natural, Gray Washed, Chocolate

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